The Terminater Laser Wand


The Terminator Wand

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This majestic healing tool is an example of Lui Kriegs personal style. It is not for sale but can be custom made for you. The energies of this piece seem to bridge the distant past and distant future. The ‘Laser’ quartz crystal is a natural variation that narrows to a focussed termination point, much prized by healers and energy workers for its properties – it radiates white light and a protective field, and is the Master for projecting healing energy and casting a protective circle. Used with precision it opens chakras and cuts through blockages in the aura. The Labradorites are chosen for their light golden colours and the copper body is plated with gold. Quartz Laser Crystal, Quartz Crystal sphere, Labradorite, Gold plated copper. (Displayed Item, length 320mm, ball diameter 44mm.)


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