Training Foundation Level

NEXT COURSE: Foundation Level – Crystal Sound Activation I
DATES: Monday 14th – Friday 18th October 2019

LOCATION: The Avalon Room, Glastonbury Experience, 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

DURATION: 5 days
(10am – 4.00pm daily – inc. 1 hour lunch break)

COST: £500   (non-refundable deposit of £150 required on registration, £350 fully payable two weeks before course start)

After completing the foundation level CSA course, you will receive full accreditation with a certificate endorsed by the CMA (Complimentary Medicine Association).

Participants are responsible for finding their own travel, accommodation and food. Light refreshments will be provided through-out the classes.

The Crystal Sound Activation (CSA) Foundation Course takes 5 days to teach

Crystals & Chakras
Day 1/2 – An introduction into the history and development of the Crystal Sound Activation setting out the intention for the course, presented by Lui Krieg.

The first two days are dedicated to learning about the crystals, their properties and usage in the CSA, presented by Heather Grey.

She will start with an introduction into the history and healing/ceremonial usage of the mineral kingdom through-out history.

Heather will go on to teach an in-depth understanding of the chakra system, how they act as gateways into our energy body and how they relate to the different gemstones and minerals. We’ll learn how chi flows in the body and how to clear energy blockages. Basic understanding into energies and properties of the different crystals and minerals and how they affect mind, body & spirit.

We’ll look at learning to use your intuition when choosing the crystals for each session, with a basic introduction into the most common issues and blockages that people have.

Practising crystal layouts on the body and how to activate, use & cleanse crystals that are used for the CSA. Using a pendulum for divination and balancing the chakras.

Sound & Frequencies
Day 3 – Visit to Chalice Well Gardens and Glastonbury Tor for a group meditation and a brief ceremony.

A introduction into the healing properties of sound and how frequencies affect the body.

A more in-depth examination of sound healing research and history, looking also at the “7 secrets of sound healing” as described by sound pioneer Jonathan Goldman and how to integrate and improve upon his research and experience.

Insights into sacred geometry and understanding the deeper aspects of symbology used in the CSA, (such as the Sri Yantra, Flower of Life, Ankh etc.).

How to use the relevant instruments correctly. Voice activation and chanting important mantras How different notes and vowels relate to different chakras The power of intention when working with sound.

Day 4/5 – Introducing and learning how to use the various healing instruments used in the CSA (Crystal Tuning Fork, Metal Tuning, Forks, Crystal Singing Pyramid, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Chimes, Native American Drum, Gong) and the connection between frequencies and the energetic body.

An overall examination of the entire process of CSA including clearing the energy field, opening and activating chakras, getting the Chi flowing through-out the body correctly.

Review of the CSA training manual, including the sections:
Biography, Activation Room Layout, Assessment of the Client, Choosing & Laying of Crystal Grid, Intention Setting, Clearing the Energy Field, Opening the Chakras, Blessing & Sealing the Energy Field, Silence & Integration, Reawakening & Water Blessing.

Do a one on one test session before being accredited as a CSA Healer.