The Crystal Sound Academy

csa-training-adThe Crystal Sound Academy is a centre of excellence promoting the healing use and sacred union of crystals and sound. The Academy is the home of the Crystal Sound Activation, a healing system developed by Lui Krieg over the last 15 years in Glastonbury, England.

Lui has garnered decades of experience and handled over 1,500 one-to-one sessions with clients and group activations all over the world including USA, China, Japan, Israel and across Europe. Consequently, Lui is ready to share his experience and knowledge by presenting his new training course to become a Crystal Sound Activation practitioner.

cma-logoThe new course has been approved and accredited by the UK Complimentary Medicine Association ( and consists of 3 levels of training (foundation, advanced and master).

The Crystal Sound Activation is a fusing of the ancient principles of crystal and sound healing and brings them forward into the 21st century.

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