Crystal Sound Activation

Reawaken Your Inner Fire
RETURN To Your Source Frequency
A Transformational Experience
With Lui Krieg


The Crystal Sound Activation is a transformational and healing experience. It is entered into with the intent for profound change.  It activates channels of Light in the Body-Mind circuitry, clearing blocks and allowing alignment with your Soul’s Purpose.  It awakens the Spirit to conscious awareness, facilitating connection with your True Self and your Higher Self’s intentions for Life, so bringing inner peace.Crystal Sound Activation prepares you for the shifts in Cosmic Frequencies we are now experiencing.


Lui attunes to your sacred centres, invokes the assistance of Angels, Spiritual and Earth energies, and is directed by your Higher Self and personal Spirit Guides.  Your individual problems are addressed, clearing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels occurs, opening chakras, removing blockages and disturbing energies, re-aligning energy flow in the body.  You enter a deep trance state of healing, returning you to Source Frequencies.  The ceremony is unique to you; a fusion of practices from diverse ancient cultures, such as Tibet, India, North America, the overlay of Atlantis and timeless, other-dimensional wisdom. Inspiration from current times are Crystal Queen, Melody and Dr Emoto from Japan, sound guru Jonathan Goldman.


As the activation journey begins you are invited to drink spring water from a crystalchalice.  Taken from the altar, the water carries the intention for the highest good possible, for the initiation of personal evolution, programming the mind with positive thoughts that the water carries into the cells of the body.


Crystal Sound Activation Sound BedCentral to Lui’s spacious sacred space is the Crystal Sound Bed. There is only one of its kind, a unique musical healing instrument. You lie upon its surface, a chamber made of wood, lined with hexagons of quartz crystal.  Beneath the chamber are the many strings that create the richly resonating sounds which reverberate through your physical and subtle bodies.


A Crystal Layout is placed on your chakras and around your body.  The combination of precious gems, crystals and sacred symbolic items are unique to you on the day.
Other crystal healing tools, wands and feathers are used.


‘Divine Alchemy’ Aura Sprays: specially created fragrant sprays are used a number of times, introducing the mysteries of aroma and plant essences.  They are chosen intuitively for clearing and vivifying the aura, evoking mood and for the pleasure of person and all attendant spirits alike.


Lui works throughout the session with sound instruments including: Crystal Bowls, Crystal Didgeridoo, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Chimes, Native American Drums, Tuning Forks, Singing Crystals and his voice.


Sound engineers have analysed Lui’s vocal range using the latest technology, finding it to be exceptionally fine and very resonant, capable of very low frequencies and also high notes. Lui sings blessings, prayers and mantras, and channels sound direct from spirit and the ethers.  These take the form of Native American chants, toning and other primal sounds.  Sanskrit mantras are powerful sequences of sounds which have a profound effect at deep levels of the mind and body.  Precise frequency and intent clear disturbances and re-consecrate (make sacred).


The intention for healing transformation and transcendence draws many forms of spirit and deity into the environment.  Archangel Michael is present, protecting and supporting a successful outcome. Personal guardians and angels attend you, and other beings, called upon by Lui and your higher-self, in accordance with this sacred process.


After Lui completes his direct work you are held within the silence for a time of consolidation.  The healing and activation continues as the subtle bodies ( mind, body, spirit) establish a new paradigm and spiritual beings and spirit guides complete their work.


Just one session can bring about powerful results, with immediate shifts in awareness and physicality, and Lui is thrilled by many testimonials of profound change and healing of mental, emotional and physical issues.  Complete activation may happen in the first session, or you might return to refresh the activation, as changes occur and to re-establish pure connection. This sequence can vary with each individual session.


Read the testimonial letter from Tanya after her session

“Thank you for my amazing treatment. I feel so calm and centered after it. It was amazing!!!” – Chantelle, Jersey, Channel Islands

“Thank you for the healing. I felt as though I was in heaven and earth at the same time. Thanks!” – Auri-Maria, Finland

“Thank you for the activation…the Chalice with the two serpents swirled up the cup and the dragon’s wings wrapped around my soul. Rain poured as the drum beat got stronger…as the chalice tilted and poured the freedom of water into my soul. All my respect.” – Mel

“Thank you for the most wonderful experience from your crystal sound healing. It was truly out of this world. I will be recommending this therapeutic experience to all. Thanks to a true master.” – Julia

“Thank you so very much Lui, you are a wonderful gentle healer. I have great respect for you. During my healing I felt as if you completely took me apart and gently put me back together in the right places. The colours and oneness was amazing. I feel whole again. God bless you Lui, you’re so special, that is why you have been chosen to do your gentle healing.” – Diane

“Safe, effective and very positive. I would recommend him every time. A man who clearly works for the light and with the highest intention” – Mark O’Sullivan

“Bless you Lui, a divinely magical, empowering, dynamic healing experience – brings frequency to another level. Sincerest gratitude.” – S.

“It was as if I’d been around the Universe and back again…a Time and Space experience – back to the Now. A profound blending of crystals and sounds. Such love and peace.” – M, Glastonbury, UK

“Sustained clearing and clearing, until at the end, a magnificently complex geometric form anchored itself into my body. This is Alchemy! Transformation! Lui, you’re a star! (I gave up my walking stick on the way home) – M. E.

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Sessions are available for individuals at the cost of  £120 for a session lasting approximately 90 minutes. Please call Stoneage on +44 (0) 1458 835514 or e-mail to book your session now.