The Chakra Wand


The Chakra Wand


The Chakra Wand | Sterling Silver | Natural Gemstones

This magical tool is used to focus your healing energy into a focused beam. It is set with a Quartz crystal at the tip and an Amethyst sphere at the other end, the perfect tool for healing, chakra balancing and energy work. Set in Sterling Silver set with Seven Semi Precious gemstones 


 * Natural Gemstones Included-


 * Moonstone

 * Amethyst

 * Iolite

 * Peridot

 * Citrine

 * Carnelian

 * Garnet

 * Amethyst


Length 170mm


 * Special jewellery designed by Glastonbury based Lui Krieg of Stone Age!


 * Comes in its own Beautiful StoneAge Gift box



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