Sugulite Properties Guide

Sugilite is named after the Japanese geologist Ken Ichi Sugi who discovered the first specimens in Japan in 1944.  It is also known as Royal Lazel and Royal Lavulite.  This rare mineral ranges in colour from pink to a rich royal purple.  It usually crystallizes in opaque masses, occasionally occurring as small crystals or inclusions within quartz.  Very rarely the mass will contain areas of the translucent gemmy form known as ‘gel’.  Sugilite is frequently found in combination with manganese, which forms black streaks, and sometimes with richterite, a very rare blue mineral.  Some deposits are now exhausted, the major remaining source being in the Kalahari Desert region of South Africa.


Widely accepted as the gift of Mother Earth to guide us into the New Age, sugilite has reached the surface of the planet to help humanity with all the problems and issues emerging at this time of accelerated progress.  It is the ‘New Age Love Stone’, come to assist in the manifestation of the right energy on the planet during this period of rapid change.  Sugilite is a powerful opener of the crown chakra, with the more pink stones bringing in the love and right attitude to assist the spiritual awakening from the heart.  Sugilite helps you understand why you are here, now, in this incarnation, your special purpose or mission.  It shows you how life is a series of lessons and helps with forgiveness, acceptance and becoming more aware.  Sugilite shows you glimpses of your highest spiritual potential and fosters self-appreciation, belief in yourself and greater self-confidence.  It helps you keep your objectives and spiritual aspirations on an elevated level, especially when surrounded by unavoidable low-level energies.  It reveals the truth – how things really are.


With the help of sugilite you can reach higher levels of consciousness, increase your psychic powers and access deeper visionary experience.  Sugilite can boost the effectiveness of your meditation, for transcendental spiritual understanding and perception.  It induces feelings of well-being, self-love and love towards others, and leaves you feeling free and exhilarated, fresh and optimistic – inspired.  Sugilite helps control and eliminate negative tendencies such as anger, jealousy and hatred.


For the physical body sugilite is one of the most powerful healing stones available at this time.  It assists the mind-body-spirit connection, helping you understand your body, how it functions, and the body’s interactions with its non-physical levels.  Sugilite boosts your self-healing powers and strengthens the immune system.  This stone helps with the New Age illnesses – stress related disorders, M.E., chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies and cancers.  In combined form with black manganese it is useful for dispelling all feelings of discomfort and is excellent for absorbing aches and pains from the body.  Wearing a sugilite bead necklace can help to relieve headaches, neck-aches and pain arising in the spine.  It is indicated to aid treatment of all forms of disease and to help us accept the path we have to take.  Sugilite is a refreshing and exciting new stone that adds a new dimension to working with crystals and crystal healing.


Na3Kli2 (Fe, Mm, Al)2(Si12O30)

Moh’s hardness:  6 – 6.5

Density:  2.76 – 2.80

Class:  Silicites

Subclass:  Cyclosilicates

Group:  Milarite, osumilite